The guardian, Skye Sherwin 2013
Paul Nash, Anne Hardy, Tino Sehgal:
the week’s art shows in picturesFrom Paul Nash’s intricate engravings in Chichester to Anne Hardy’s installations in London, Skye Sherwin and Robert Clark find out what’s happening in art around the country
Anne Hardy’s photos capture windowless spaces with stories to tell, such as underground cells, control rooms, bunkers and basement clubs. They look festive and messy, like the aftermath of some monumental knees-up; the last party, perhaps, at the end of the world. It’s all a fiction: these are not rooms at all but sets meticulously created in Hardy’s studio with street finds, DIY and charity shop bric-a-brac., Here this includes a strip-lit wall, coated in brown paper and apparently decorated with mobiles made from old bottles and balloons. But are those targets and bullet holes? Not party decor then, but a secret shooting range. Meanwhile, in the gallery upstairs, for the first time Hardy has created an installation giving us the chance to experience her sinister habitats up close.