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Hardy’s spells are made from the bare essentials, they are landscapes where the mind and the world meet. «Survival Spell», the eponymous earthwork, is a curve of dirt on the floor, a gestural sweep that holds within and without its earthy-boundaries once-purposeful fragments. It sits awaiting disturbance, a clumsy foot would undo everything. Somehow it creates a field of energy that pushes back its observers with tenderness. «Survival Spell» was made during the artist’s 2022 residency at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas – a place where the light and horizon feel limitless, a one-crossroads town at the edges of the United States and the desert. It is an edge place with its own edges. Hardy swept earth, dug dirt from the backyard, recorded the sound of snow melting off the roof of the building where she slept, and gathered unwanted objects from the dump. These relics she combs into precise arrangements that vibrate beyond their material form – they are magic, they defy words, and they transform.

This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition Anne Hardy «Survival Spell» at Maureen Paley and Studio M, London 2024.

Published by Maureen Paley, London and Dent—De—Leone, 2024

Author: Anne Hardy
Text: Lisa Le Feuvre
Design: Kajsa of Åbäke 

Photography: Anne Hardy/Angus Mill
Printed by: Newspaper Club
Year: 2024
Price: £10

Pages: 24

First Edition: 400 copies

ISBN: 978—1—907908—87—3
Width: 290 mm 

Height: 380 mm 

Weight: 106 gram

Language: English

Cover: Soft



This book presents Anne Hardy’s FIELD works: large scale installation works incorporating sculptural structures, objects, audio and image. Made for solo exhibitions at Kunstverein Freiburg, The Common Guild, Glasgow and Modern Art Oxford these works put forward the idea of a ‘field’ as a zone of interest, a terrain or an open-ended psychological space.

The carpet supplants the plinth with a field, implying a landscape rather than a monument, a site of activity. And the recognisability of objects extends a sculpture into our own lives as memories of encounters.

—Sally O’Reilly

With texts by Katrina Brown and Lisa Le Feuvre, images of works and source material. Designed by Hardy and Åbäke .

Published by The Common Guild and Dent-De-Leone

Secession — 2012


Published by Secession on the occasion of Anne Hardy’s Exhibition at the Secession Gallery in Vienna. September 21-November 25, 2012

— 144 Pages, 22.8 x 30 cm, Soft cover, Edition of 800

Designed by Åbäke with Ai-Lun Huang

Camden Arts Centre — 2011


File Note 58,
Published by Camden Arts Centre on the occasion
of Anne Hardy’s Residency at Camden Arts Centre

14 March 2011 – 12 June 2011Written by Francesco Manacorda

Designed by Sara De Bondt Studio

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