Leeds Art Gallery / Falling and Walking ((phhhhhhhhhhh phossshhhhh crrhhhhzzz mn huaooogh)

21st March – 20th May 2018

Falling and Walking was co-commissioned by ArtNight 2017 and Contemporary Art Society for ArtNight2017 Fusion of Horizons, curated by Fatos Ustek.

Now in the permanent collection of Leeds Art Gallery, where it was shown March – May 2018

See ArtNight 2017 listing for more details and images of this work

External link: https://corridor8.co.uk/article/anne-hardy-falling-and-walking-phhhhhhhhhhh-phossshhhhh-crrhhhhzzz-mn-huaooogh/

FIELD work – sculptural installation with quadraphonic

surround audio, programmed light and wind

Duration 8:21 mins looped with 2 min pause.
dimensions variable

Anne Hardy Falling and Walking Leeds Art Gallery