Ideas travel faster than light – Group Show, There are many holes, Mecklenburgh Square Garden, London, UK

26th – 29th September 2020

There are many holes
5 circular mirrors, found branches, surroundings

‘Ideas travel faster than light’ is an ongoing project initiated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao. It began in 2015 with an invitation to nice artists working in Spain, UK and the US to submit proposals for new works, together with instructions of how to make them, and nice artists based in India to produce them according to their interpretation and understanding. The group show, collaborating with the artist Clair Joy as part of the Mecklenburgh Square Garden Project (an annual outdoor event initiated by her in 2012) constitutes the second edition of ‘Ideas travel faster than light’ with Jasone inviting ten artists from India and Clair inviting ten artists/collaborations from the UK and Canada. The participating artists include Amikam Toren – Chandan Gomes, Anne Hardy – Sujit Mallik, Calum F. Kerr – Gagan Singh, David Batchelor – Achia Anzi, International Lawns – Vaibhav Raj Shah, Jo Stockholm – Tapan Moharana, Naomi Salaman – Charmi Gada Shah, Oona Grimes & Tony Grisoni – Muskaan Singh, Ruth Maclennan – Yogesh Barve, Swapnaa Tamhane – Nilanjana Nandy.