Falling and Walking (phhhhhhhhhhh phossshhhhh crrhhhhzzz mn huaooogh), 2017

Solo exhibition – Nicholls and Clarke Showrooms, London / Leeds Art Gallery. 1st July 6:00PM till 4:00AM and 2nd July 12:00 Noon till 6:00PM

Co-commissioned by Art Night and The Contemporary Art Society as part of Art Night 2017, curated by Fatos Ustek. Through ART NIGHT Legacy Program 2017 this artwork is now part of the permanent collection of Leeds Art Gallery where it was exhibited in March – May 2018.


A large scale immersive installation–a FIELD work–incorporating sculptural structures, objects, a quadraphonic audio score, fluctuating light and wind. Approx dims : 4000sqft floor area. Cycle length of the work is approximately 8 minutes. The lighting in the space becomes dimmed, wind is stopped and audio silent for approx 1 minute interval before beginning again.


Falling and Walking (phhhhhhhhhhh phossshhhhh crrhhhhzzz mn huaooogh) draws its source material from an assortment of ‘wild’ spaces in the east end of London. Left over bits of land, corners, the sides of the busy roads, places that are somehow voids or free spaces in the city that are without rule or purpose- spaces ‘in-between’ that are full of uncertainty and promise. Hardy collected sounds as well as objects from these places: atmospheric landscape sounds; interlopers from elsewhere like parakeets; and approached the city as a giant instrument by using objects found on the street to generate noises in the locations where she finds them. For example sliding a steel rod against a metal fence, dropping pieces of concrete into a hole or chasing rolling tin cans as they blow under a canal bridge.

Composed into an abstract score the resulting audio is coupled with a delicate assembly of objects, architectural fragments and curtains of VHS tape that alternately hang still like drawn waterfalls or blow gently in the wind of turning pink fans as they go on and off. The lighting fluctuates in relation to the temper of the audio, creating a sense of weather and impermanence.

Choreographed around you and the space, the sensuality and balance of the components creates a familiar yet disorientating environment and the work proposes itself as a living object that you enter into, and that its space of uncertainty and impermanence might be a source of solace and comfort.

Moving Image documentation – the overall cycle of the work is approx 8 minutes, this is a short section (quickly filmed on iPhone) to give an idea of how the wind, fluctuating light levels and sound are integrated within the work.